Maji Mazuri 2022 Head Start Highlights

2022 has been a year of great success in our mission to help people escape poverty and become thriving individuals’. Despite several challenges, our programs made a huge difference in the lives of many children, youth and families that we served in 2022. This was made possible by your generous support as well-wishers, partners and volunteers. We are sincerely grateful for your support. 

The Maji Mazuri network continues to grow. From July 2022, we became partners of Global Fund for Children (GFC) under the “PEAK INITIATIVE”. GFC is a global nonprofit that supports community-based organizations to advance the rights of children and youth worldwide. GFC supports our organization with flexible funding which gives us the freedom to meet our priority needs to accelerate our impact. 

For a long time, we have always wanted to strengthen and expand our talent development program by setting up modern infrastructure facilities and bringing on board more talent coaches to mentor our children. However, this had been a huge challenge due to limited resources. Our partnership with GFC came as a big blessing in our work. Through GFC support, we have brought on board experienced talent coaches who are working with our children and we are setting up modern talent development infrastructure facilities. 

These facilities will put our organization in a strategic position and on the right path in the implementation of the new Kenyan education curriculum known as competency-based curriculum (CBC). CBC seeks to promote academic excellence as well as identify and nurture children’s talents as potential career pathways. These facilities will therefore give our children and youth an excellent opportunity to learn, play and nurture their talents. 


  • 534 children aged 3-15 years were able to access quality basic education through the Headstart school program.

  • 534 children at Headstart school received a hot meal every day of the school calendar through Headstart school’s free feeding program.

  • 34 pupils sat their final grade 8 national examination (KCPE) and will be transitioning to secondary schools in February 2023.

  • 48 pupils sat their grade 6 national examination (KPSEA) and will be transitioning to junior secondary schools in January 2023. Junior secondary school is a new level created by the CBC curriculum and will be domiciled in the existing primary schools and therefore grade 6 pupils will proceed to junior secondary school in their current schools. Maji Mazuri will be establishing a Junior secondary school to accommodate grade 7 pupils graduating from our grade 6 level. 

  • Over 120 boys and girls from different grades were recruited to join newly reconstituted school professional football(soccer) and netball teams which will nurture their football and netball skills to professional standards and expose them to national leagues.

  • Headstart school has started professional dance classes for children. 65 pupils have so far joined the inaugural dance classes and the program hopes to increase the number to over 150 pupils in 2023.

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